COVID-19 is affecting everyone around the world and now daily life feels like the beginning of the APOCALYPSE, but DON'T STRESS!

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It's completely unique, FUN, interactive & immersive! Designed to keep you FIT, entertained and healthy during lock-down, self-isolation or quarantine.

Couch Potato

Outrun Zombies

DON'T be a Couch Potato!

Be ready to out-run any fast Zombies! We design a custom training program tailored to your needs with the items you have in your home for working out. Training includes a mix of HIIT, Calisthenics, Muay Thai Boxing, Wing Tsun Self Defense Techniques, Yoga and more! One-on-one video coaching - Help, motivation, and progress chats twice per week via Skype or Whats App with our professional personal trainers. Suitable for all ability levels, so no excuses!!

Cabin Fever


Conquer Cabin Fever

We'll take you OUTSIDE to Tropical Thailand Paradise with our Virtual Training Experience and reconnect you with nature; the sound of the ocean waves, swinging palm trees, and beaming sunlight

Pantry Staples

Healthy Nutritious Meals

Low on Supplies?

Our nutritionist will teach you how to make something healthy and yummy from whatever ingredients you have left in your pantry.

Join the PALAPON APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL Program TODAY and go from Couch Potato to Chandelier Swinger!

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