Yoga Classes at Palapon

Yoga Classes at Palapon

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 Yoga Classes in Hua Hin ~ Thailand

The Origins of Yoga

The practices of Yoga can be traced back to over 3000 BC, in and around India. It was developed to achieve and promote harmony between the heart and soul back then, and still is today. In modern times it has been discovered that yoga not only has spiritual connotations, but real practical benefit towards curing and treating a slew of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as effectively alleviating physical injuries and chronic pains. Yoga has become a sensation all throughout the western world in the last decade, as an alternative source to treat people’s ailments both mentally and physically.

What is Yoga?

In layman’s terms, yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and disciplines. Not only that, but yoga also has a wide variety of differentiating styles and ways to practice, much like how different kung Fu schools offer a different style. The most prominent being Hatha yoga, and Raja yoga. The difference between them is simple, Raja style is essentially the grandfather to the more modern Hatha style. Besides these two mains styles, there are about six other well known practices.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Now to get to the important part, why should you practice yoga? the shortest and simplest answer to that is, well, yoga just makes you feel better. Not just about your body, but your mental mindset will have the chance to completely change and rebuild itself. Practicing the postures, breathing exercises, as well as meditating delivers an entire package aimed at making your body, mind, and spirit one healthy entity. Yoga is simply good for what ails you. If that’s not enough to convince you, a lot of research has shown that yoga also helps not only manage, but control anxiety, arthritis, asthma, and most if not pretty much all physical ailments like back pain and even heart disease.

Why join the Palapon Yoga Class?

Yoga is a journey for you to undertake to free your body, mind, and spirit as well as guiding us to better control ourselves, to cut through layers of self-doubt and unhappiness, and ultimately perhaps finding your true self!

We keep our classes small so our expert yoga instructors can provide the personal attention and guidance you need. Public Yoga Classes are in the mornings; Monday-Saturday 10:30-11:30AM, come and join us! Public classes are just 400 Thai Baht (approx $12 USD). Private tuition is available, please contact us for more information.

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