Dare to be REBORN Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge

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To celebrate 10 years of successfully transforming people lives we decided to run a contest to give 1 lucky person the once in a lifetime chance to WIN an ALL-INCLUSIVE personalized program to be REBORN in tropical Thailand paradise at Palapon Weight Loss Camp & Fitness Retreat. You can watch the Dare to be REBORN contest video here:

We received many entries via both our website and social media from people all over the world all wanting to come to Thailand to lose weight and get fit. We were so touched by some of your stories and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you each and every one of you for entering.


Unfortunately there could only be 1 winner, but how could we decide between the mother or the daughter from our team Mintz finalists? We couldn’t! So instead we decided to give them both the chance to come and stay with us here at Palapon! You can watch how they reacted to the good news here:

CONGRATULATIONS Tahila & Hayya Mintz!

Tahila and her mother Hayya will start their transformation journey in August. Tahila & Hayya will embark on the journey of their lives, during their stay they will learn all about what their bodies need and how to accomplish the results they want. Upon arrival we will perform a full health check, including Body Composition Scan and blood tests, so we can tailor the program to suit their individual needs. They will exercise like never before and enjoy fresh, nutritious food during their stay.

 Ready to be REBORN!

We looking forward to them joining the Palapon family and helping them to achieve their health & fitness goals.

Watch them Transform!

For the first time ever here at Palapon we will be documenting their entire transformation journey. This is your chance to get an inside look into exactly how to lose weight and get fit, Palapon style! Join us and follow their progress every step of the way! please go to our REBORN page.


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