Hayya's First Impressions of Palapon

First Impressions – DARE to be REBORN Challenge

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Our DARE to be REBORN Contest winners Hayya & Tahila are finally here! They’ve have flown all the way from New York, USA to start their body transformation journey with us at Palapon Weight Loss Camp & Fitness Retreat in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Here are a few words from Hayya describing her first impressions of life at Palapon:

Three days into our time at Palapon and capturing a taste of this beginning seems important to attempt. I don’t want to loose the memory of this precious time of first impressions.

After something like 24 hours of traveling, Tahila and I arrived at the camp in the middle of the night. We were welcomed like long awaited family by Valerie and Klaus. Sitting in the sweet smelling garden, in our first night in Asia, it felt like coming home. Over these last few days, they have shown themselves to be people that I will cherish having in my life.

It is an intimate community. There are currently 4 other guests here with Tahila and me, a few fellow classmates who are not fully in the program, but come daily for particular classes, as well as Klaus and Valerie and our trainers. I can honestly say that I love each of these wonderful people and that all the aspects of the day are made more fun and inspiring because of them.

Every one of the classes is super challenging and really doable. I came here with the hope that I would be able to push myself to my limits while feeling confident that I would not get hurt. Not only is that true, but I am seeing that “my limits” was a very narrow concept. I am so excited to see what can open up for me. Klaus and Valerie seem so dedicated to helping each of us take down barriers. They have hooked me up with an extraordinary masseuse to address my shoulder and hip issues. I saw him last evening and the session with him was so painful, but also we laughed a lot throughout it! There is more coming in future sessions, but I already feel much more freedom in my hip. Next week I think he is going to put his focus on my right shoulder (the one that was not replaced.). I both dread it and feel optimistic that he will be able to help me get range of movement and that I will not need to feel so protective of it in my workouts.

So, the challenging side…I could hardly lay in bed last night. I hurt so much! I assume it was from the combination of pushing myself as hard as I could in my classes yesterday (credit for that goes to the music and the combination of high expectations and hilarious dry humor of the instructors, coupled with my own love of focused effort) and the therapeutic massage. I longed for morning, just to get out of bed. When that blessed 5:45 am came and it was time to join the others to walk and run, all those same pains accompanied me as I tried to walk out to the garden. There is no such thing as not participating here! Klaus finds a way for you to keep working out through what ever you have going on. He accommodates, but does not make it less. With humor and patience, but absolute implacability, he kept me working out all day! By evening, all the soreness and constriction was gone. I could not have gotten there without him. Thank you Klaus.

There is so much more that I would like to write about but It is almost 5:15 a.m. and I should try to catch a little sleep while I still can. Still, I can’t not mention how much I adore the Muay Thai boxing training. I will have to write about it another time. Last night we all went out to watch one of our instructors compete. It was so fun and really inspiring. I am so inspired and can hardly wait for class.

Sending much love.

Hayya Mintz

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