Apple WatchOS 6 Health and Fitness Review

Can the NEW Apple WatchOS 6 REALLY help improve your Health & Fitness?

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Here at Palapon Weight Loss Camp & Fitness Retreat our No 1 priority is our guests overall health & fitness. Most of our residents have already tried everything possible to get down to a healthy weight, including utilizing the latest technology, but nothing has worked for them.

We completely understand how difficult and immensely frustrating this is! So, can the extensive data collection and features of the New Apple WatchOS 6 finally help you lose weight and get fit? (coupled with the iOS13 Activity app on your iPhone, of course). Let’s take a brief look at the new health, activity tracking & exercise features of the Apple Watch and see!

The 3 Rings of Activity Tracking:

Apple Watch has come a long way from simple daily step counting, but psychologically the new movement ring system may leave some users feeling like they’re just going around in circles. With activity tracking being one of their core fitness features, this is probably not a smart move.

First up we have the red outer MOVE ring which monitors your calorie burn level and also allows YOU to set targets based on your weight loss goals. Then there is the green EXERCISE ring that tracks any movement or exercise over a fast paced walk with a FIXED goal of 30 minutes daily. Lastly is the blue STAND ring to tell you how many times you’ve stood up during the day and to remind you to do so if you’ve been sat for too long.

Workout Tracking

Track your exercise sessions with real time stats! See time elapsed, distance traveled, pace, heart rate and calories burned on your Apple Watch when you choose one of 12 different exercise options manually from the Workout app:

Walking – Outdoor or Indoor Walk option for treadmills / indoor tracks or Shopping Mall
Running – Outside Run or Indoor for treadmills / indoor tracks
Cycling – Standard Outdoor or Indoor Cycle for stationary bikes and spin class
Elliptical – For an elliptical or similar machine
Rower – Designed for use with a rowing machine
Stair stepper – For when you use stair-stepping machines
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training (quick bursts of intense exercise with short rest periods)
Hiking – Tracks hike elevation level
Yoga – Works for all types of yoga practice, inc restorative, hatha and vinyasa
Swimming – 2 modes: Pool Swim or GPS tracked Open Water Swim
Wheelchair – Outdoor Wheelchair Walk and Outdoor Wheelchair Run
Other – For when no other option fits your workout regime

Long-term Benefits

After 365 days of daily activity tracking from your Apple Watch, the iOS13 iPhone Activity App will be able to to let you know if you’ve been moving/exercising less in the last 90 days. Apple have not disclosed how they will apply these trends on your iPhone or Watch, but they do promise motivational coaching of some kind to get you back on track.


Simple answer – NO!
It looks like next year you can look forward to seeing a record of your progress, coupled with some motivational pop-up reminders to move your ass more, but for now the new Apple WatchOS 6 will not help you to lose weight. Yes, it can be a good daily monitoring tool, but if you are serious about losing weight and improving your overall health and fitness then you NEED to come to PALAPON! Where you will receive personalized fitness guidance, learn about your body’s basic nutritional needs and develop an understanding of how everything works so you can not only achieve your weight loss goals, but completely transform your life!

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