Year after year, the debate about the merits and dangers of detox rages on.

Conventional medical professionals argue that the body's impressive elimination system is all it needs to detoxify itself.

Progressive and integrative health professionals argue that our bodies are overloaded with gunk, and that sensible detox programs offer an effective way of lightening our toxic burdens.

Both camps have a point.

Part of living a healthy life is about finding joy in living. Going to extremes in diet, fitness, or detox practices strip us of the healthy life we are aiming for.

Palapon philosophy is to provide you with a detox program that respects both sides with a safe and personalized approach.


While we don't promote fasts or fad-diets to detox your body, adding in some foods that naturally detox can be extremely beneficial. These is in addition to a whole, real food nutrition.


Exercise promotes the detoxification process giving all systems of the body a boost. As you exercise, the blood circulates throughout the body, bringing nutrients to all the organs and muscles. As you do aerobic exercise you build up a sweat and toxins are released through the pores of the skin. It's important to rinse off after heavy sweating to help rid the body of those toxins.


Oxygen is pivotal to the body's process of absorbing vitamins and nutrients. Deep breathing allows you to absorb these good things more efficiently. Deep breathing also super-charges your lymphatic system by increasing oxygen levels, and this naturally leads to detoxification of the body.

Thai yoga massage

Also simply called Thai massage, is a 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic-based body science developed and popularized by Buddha's doctor, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. The philosophy behind Thai yoga massage techniques focuses on energy points. Working on important acupressure points along these energy lines helps to remove blockages which allows free flow of energy through the body, balancing the body's energy system and help with lymphatic drainage.

Tension and toxic material is released from the joints, muscles and connective tissue. The movements also help to adjust the skeletal structure, relieve muscular and joint tension, and stimulate the internal organs.

A boosted immune system is also a benefit of traditional Thai massage. In fact, the American Massage Therapy Association lists several scientific studies that support the claim that participants can improve their immune systems through traditional Thai massage.

Colonics (optional)

Palapon recognizes the wish guests have to assist the body in cleansing the colon, complementing the natural cleansing processes of the body and not intended to be a cure or a quick way to lose weight.

Because of our responsibility for your health and wellbeing, this service will be only provided in a hospital under supervision of medical professionals.

2 colonics are included in the program, for every additional colonic they will be a charge of 1,200 THB to the hospital.


Colonics helps remove waste and toxins from the colon, allowing you to feel "lighter" after a treatment. This helps improve digestion and absorption of water and nutrients. The treatments are simple; the practitioners make every effort to ensure privacy and respect of the patient. Colonics has been known to assist people who are undertaking weight-loss programs, promote healthy intestinal bacteria and enhance the immune system. You may experience a boost in energy levels as well.


Colon hydrotherapy isn't heavily regulated so there are a lot of different approaches and theories about how to practice. What one therapist does another may not do. There is little scientific research in this area regarding the benefits or the misfortunes of colonics. Another concern is the risk of dehydration or the use of laxatives with colonics, which can elevate electrolytes, a dangerous condition for those with kidney or heart problems.

5 Day Detox & Cleanse:

  • 5 Days Cleansing Nutrition
  • 5 Morning Walk
  • 2 Thai massage
  • 2 Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • 1 Spa - 3 hours Coffee Body scrub, Aloe Vera Massage and Facial Treatment
  • 5 Yoga session