Outdoor Gym

Our two outdoor gyms with a total of 280sqm, strategically located in our lush tropical gardens, to provide our guests with an exceptional workout experience. Each gym is fully equipped with equipment designed to target all areas of the body and help our guests achieve their fitness goals.

Our gyms allow you to connect with nature and breathe in fresh air, which can be invigorating and help you feel more energized during your workout. Research has shown that being outdoors and surrounded by greenery can improve mood and reduce stress, which can enhance the overall workout experience.

Additionally, the open-air design of our gyms allows for more freedom of movement and flexibility in your workout routine.

When you work out in an outdoor gym, you get to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for fitness and the outdoors. This sense of community and support can be highly motivating and help you stay committed to your fitness goals and provide a unique social atmosphere.

Our gyms are fully equipped with everything you need to get the most out of your training, including:

  • boxing bags
  • aqua punching bags
  • curved treadmill
  • stationary bicycle
  • Ropes for vertical and horizontal climbing
  • Rings
  • multiple monkey bars
  • pull-up bars
  • salmon ladder,
  • battle rope,
  • barbells, dumbells, kettle bells
  • TRX-suspension trainer
  • Twister
  • ice-bath,

Our experienced trainers will guide you through each workout and help you develop your skills and technique.

2 roof topped gyms in total 280qm. Equipped with boxing bags, aqua punching bags, curved treadmill, I stationary bicycle, Ropes for vertical and horizontal climbing, rings, multiple monkey bars, pull-up bars, salmon ladder, battle rope, barbells, dumbells, kettle bells, clubs, ankle-weights, TRX-suspension trainer, twister, jump-boxes, dip-bars, ice-bath,