Corporate Events

At Palapon we offer a bespoke service to corporate clients by tailor making a full day or half day program that will suit your needs.

Your team can spend a day with us learning Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) or we can put your team through their paces with a full days fitness course. If team building is your main focus we can put together a program of team challenges that will get everyone smiling and working together.

We also offer a Thai cultural performance that features

  • Muay Boran The ancient form of Muay Thai
  • Muay Thai A choreographed display without contact
  • Wai Kru Traditional ceremony performed before a fight.
  • Thai Dancing in traditional costume

Please contact us and we can arrange a telephone call to discuss your requirements.

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Price Per Person

2 Hours
Up to 10 Persons750 Baht
10-20 Persons700 Baht
20 Persons Up650 Baht