Palapon Reviews

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Dwight Tiedeman

I was scheduled to have my seventh spine operation in June but a friend told me about Palapon Fitness Camp in Hua Hin Thailand where I live. I went to the camp in Koh Takiab where I met with the owner Klaus and we discussed my spine history, weight loss, Trauma recovery excercises, mobility and muscle strengthening classes, and their weight loss meal plans catered right to my doorstep! I joined and started a program designed by Klaus and a weight loss meal plan. To make a long story short within 5 days and a lot of pain getting my muscles back working properly and my ranges of mobility from head to toe I was at a driving range Friday morning, at a rooftop bar Friday night with friends enjoying life again and Sunday golfed for the first time in 5 years…

Palapon Reviews
Dwight Tiedeman
Reviewed Jul 2020

Best place in World

came home to sweden yesterday after being on the palapon for a month. I already long to return! there is no place in the world that I enjoy as much as in the palapon! The family that runs the place, woooow what wonderful people. The training is fantastic. We are going back next year in March! Palapon is an oasis in the middle of Huahin!

Palapon Reviews
Tabas Meral
Reviewed Nov 2021

Amazing opportunity to get fit in a beautiful setting!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Palapon Fitness. I felt fully supported throughout my stay and challenged to the right degree; it was tough, but I never felt like quitting. My favourite class was the 08:30am bodyweight workout which really helped improve both my form and confidence. The yoga and Muay Thai instructors are superb; friendly, supportive people with lots of experience and skill. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious and I felt stronger and fitter after just two weeks there, ready to take on anything. Most importantly, it was a lot of fun!

Palapon Reviews
Reviewed Jan 2022

My six weeks at Palapon

This was a out of comfort zone experience for me, which helped boost my confidence. I was welcomed to the camp with kindness by everyone and my experience opened my eyes in certain aspects. Do not join the camp and complain, if you are thinking this is some sort of vacation/resort. It’s a camp which helps not only to lose weight but also to strengthen you both physically and mentally as well as push you to do better.

Palapon Reviews
Reviewed Oct 2021

If you want results, go to Palapon!

I hardly ever write reviews, but Palapon really made a difference to me. I had looked up various camps before I finally booked it. Basically Palapon delivers what they claim to offer: a holistic and balanced fitness and/or weight loss camp, that is intimate (max. 12 guests) and where the participants get personal attention and tailored nutritional and fitness advice….

Palapon Reviews
Reviewed Jan 2023

Thank you for everything!

I visited Palapon for the 10 days program and I am very happy with the results I achieved in such a short time. I am a person that has never exercised and will never be considered sporty or athletic - basically I am a coach potato. :) That said, I still gained 2.7 percent muscle mass and lost 4 percent fat during my short program at Palapon. This was not the main reason why I will always be grateful to the family and folks at Palapon - I returned home feeling more energized, feeling fitter, healthier and I have continued this health journey even back home. The habit of health and fitness has been ingrained in me. Thank you Klaus, Valerie and all the amazing trainers at Palapon. You guys have made a big difference in my life and my health journey. Thank you! Danke! Merci! Krap!

Palapon Reviews
Reviewed Dec 2022

Mark Wickings- life changing experience

Thank you Klaus and Valerie for teaching me about healthy eating and the importance of maintaining a good level of mobility and general fitness. Also impressing on me that this is only the beginning of my new life and it’s now down to me to continue many of the exercises , keep walking , swimming , cycling and the weight loss will follow. Thank you for helping me change my life. I have one again and feel so good. It’s also amazing how my mindset has changed and I feel so positive about life and can’t be doing with negativity any more. Thank you. Mark

Palapon Reviews
Mark Wickings
Reviewed Jun 2022

Just an awesome place

We went to Palapon for a 24 hr charity run event last month, and I can't speak highly enough about the owners, staff and facilities. It's an idyllic little oasis in central Hua Hin. Everything about the place is perfect, from the lovely chalet bungalows, great food, pool and facilities, but what really makes you feel at home is the enthusiasm and personalities of Klaus and valerie, they are such awesome people who really go the extra mile to ensure you get the best out of your visit there. They are also extremely knowledgeable about their jobs too, be it fitness or nutrition. Definitely highly recommended.... Give it a try! 5*

Palapon Reviews
Reviewed Apr 2021