Access greater energy levels for daily activities and keep your independence and vitality.

Prime Time offers a wide range of classes and is specially designed for adults over 60+ appropriate for any fitness level. By providing you with specialized, evidence based, effective exercise training you will increase your flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, agility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Researchers have discovered that much of the physical decline in we associate with aging may have more to do with increased inactivity than with aging itself. Moreover, starting a regular exercise program can delay and reduce the effects of aging, and in some cases, even reverse some of the declines already brought on by previous lack of exercise. The benefits of regular exercise, and the negative consequences of not exercising, are probably most notable between ages 50 and 70 than at any other time in your life.

With age come reductions in muscle mass, reducing the maximum effort you can sustain. Your tendons and ligaments will stiffen and shorten, reducing your natural range of motion and flexibility. And unless you're very lucky, you'll probably have some age-related problems with bones, joints and/or nerves, like arthritis or neuropathy, which will also affect your ability to move as freely as you once did in your younger years.

But does any of this mean you might as well accept the inevitable decline, scrap your exercise plans, and head for your favorite easy chair?

If you can still move, it's not too late to improve your fitness level and your quality of life.

Our aim is to reinvent each and everyone's outlook on not only their bodies but also their minds.

We will support you in getting rid of negative outlooks on yourself like age and current health conditions with an individualized program tailor made for you that will help you avoid and reverse problems at you get older.

Health & Fitness Evaluation.

To have a complete and holistic understanding of you, the Fitness, Health and Nutrition Assessments should be the starting point for your journey at Palapon Prime Time Program.

A Health & fitness evaluation allows an understanding of where you're starting from, aids in the design of your personal and individualized program, and provides progressive baseline for monitoring improvement during your journey.

Prime Time Classic

A variety of exercises designed to increase muscle strength and range of movement for daily living. By building muscles you will also increase your metabolism, which helps to keep your weight and blood sugar in check. By strengthens your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones we can help you maintain your independence as you age. It allows you to continue the kinds of activities you've enjoyed your entire life.

Prime Time Cardio Fit

Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and lungs. During exercise, your muscles demand more oxygen-rich blood and give off more carbon dioxide and other waste products. When you follow a consistent aerobic exercise plan, your heart grows stronger so it can meet the muscles's demands without as much effort. Everyone, regardless of their weight, age, or gender, can benefit from aerobic exercise.

Regular aerobic exercise, performed most days of the week, also helps reduce the risk of illness and premature death.

Prime Time Mobility

Proper flexibility is crucial for being able to train with good form.

Tight muscles prevent your body from performing the way it should and cause muscular imbalances, and compensatory movement patterns that will ultimately end up in pain and injury.

That's why addressing flexibility is the FIRST STEP.

It is crucial to address all of the factors you need to rapidly increase flexibility and maintain the gains you make.

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