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Whether you've just started your research to find the best fitness or weight loss camp for yourself, or you're still looking, you've probably seen a wide variety of programs.

As the longest-running Weight Loss Program in Thailand, we provide for you the most effective and comprehensive customized program, instead of a one-fits-all type of program. Palapon is not the overcrowded Fitness spa or resort. The program is limited to maximum 12 people at a time.

Located in the Royal Beach Town of Hua Hin, your entire stay is managed from the airport transfer to all your Accommodation, Dinning, Health & Fitness Assessment, your Personalized Exercise Plan, all your supervised Training, Rehabilitation of Mobility, Posture, Wellness and Detox.

We've learned that long-term weight-loss success is nearly impossible if you stay in your toxic, tempting environment. By spending weeks here at our fitness retreat with a scientific plan and caring fitness experts, you can't lose.

Our program is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and nature and taking more control of your health and wellbeing. Instead of temporary health treatments, you're enjoying a health transformation to take back home!

We will also provide you free of charge with Daily Personal Training, Weight Loss Blood Panel, Massages, 3 hours Spa, Excursion and more.

You get it all. The experience, guests say, is "Life Changing." And the health benefits? Priceless.

Your coach will be responsible for your daily calorie burn, motivation, and individualized exercise plan.

Coaches will be accountable for regular progress checkups that will focus on your weight loss, body fat loss, increases in muscle mass and flexibility.

Palapon is an all-inclusive camp and we won't nickel and dime you once you get here. There are no extra purchases required and we've thought of everything.

What's Included

  • Airport Transfer
  • Deluxe Accommodation or Bungalow
  • Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 6 days per week)
  • Nutrition Consultation
Per week:
  • 5x Morning Walk/Run
  • 5x HIIT Sessions
  • 6x Strength Sessions
  • 6x Yoga Sessions
  • 6x Muay Thai/Cardio Boxing Sessions
  • 3x Massages
  • Daily 1‘on’1 sessions
  • Daily Protein Shake
  • Daily Personalized Workout Plan
  • Health & Fitness Assessments
  • Body Composition Scan
  • FREE Complimentary Concierge Service
  • FREE After Care
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Your Palapon Health & Weight-Loss Program Includes:

Daily Schedule

This is just a sample schedule to give you an example of how our days are structured. Actual timing and durations may vary.

  • 6:00 - Morning Walk (1 Hour)
    We don't do this on Wednesday morning. So, enjoy some extra time in bed. You will need it.
  • 07:30 - Breakfast
    Relax and say hello to your new friends - Muesli, yogurt and fresh fruit. You're halfway there, only three more sessions to go.
  • 8:30 - Bodyweight Fitness Class (1 Hour)
    Forget Cross Fit you are going to get "Klaus Fit".

    Move with Purpose& Precission (1 Hour)
    On Saturday and Wednesday we are working more specific on your range of motion and posture
  • 10:30 - Yoga (1 Hour)
    Time to relax, breathe and stretch.
  • 12:00 - Lunch
    Stock up on fuel for your HIIT session.
  • 12:30 - Free time
  • 14:00 - H.I.I.T. Class (30 Mins)
    High Intensity Interval Training. It's short and sweet with a surprise at the end.
  • 15:30 - Muay Thai/Cardio Boxing (1 Hour)
    If you think Bruce Lee was cool wait to you see what you will be doing in this class.
  • 18:00 - Dinner
    Well done, you are finished for the day.
  • 18:30 - Free time
    Enjoy your massage and if you still have some energy, go and explore the local area or relax and watch a movie in the camp.

When it comes to Thailand weight loss, Palapon is one of the most renowned and frequented workout training facilities, focusing on weight loss, diet and exercise plans to keep you in perfect shape. This training facility has developed workout routines infused with both eastern and western practices to help build those muscles and define those curves.

Aimed at helping you transition into your dream body, our weight loss program Thailand will enable you meet all your health goals during a single stay. We help you trim those extra pounds while enjoying an exotic stay at our resort. With a range of health and fitness activities, Palapon's weight loss Thailand camp is the ideal site for a healthy yet recreational vacation trip.

Our weight loss camp Thailand is one of the most popular camps in Thailand, with a qualified and trained staff who work night and day to provide you with the best services during your stay. Our customers receive not only individual trainers, but also true hospitality, attention and care, all designed to make them feel comfortable, pampered and privileged. Along with this, we at Palapon Thailand weight loss camp ensure our company policies by ensuring no breach of confidentiality and privacy is committed. We are highly professional and fully committed to deliver highest standards to clients.

Our mission for weight loss in Thailand is to serve our customers with world-class services and facilities as well as provide them with a highly qualified professional team to fulfil all their demands and needs. We target all customers, irrelevant of their social, cultural or other differences, along with all age groups. Basically, we are all about equality and fairness!

We also make sure all our services are not just top-notch but also very affordable so everyone can easily enjoy their vacation with us. Furthermore, our centre is targeted at customers who suffer from excessive weight, obesity and body tendency. With many years of experience in its field, our Thailand weight loss regime is very energetic and passionate.

Our programs are full of simplicity, but also truly effective. The weight loss camp allows clients to access a beautiful, enjoyable and recreational camp environment and atmosphere. Filled with numerous activities to choose from, we work towards modifying lifestyles by adding on to the neglected areas within them, including maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise routine.

We pay special attention and give individual motivation to pump you into not just building your goals, but also achieving them. Special focus is given to needed areas that are ignored or less emphasized on such as different work out, muscular, fat and cellulite issues.

It is highly important for customers to have body know how, not just in general but also of their particular figure and body. This is the first step we focus on, giving insight and information on the human body as a whole, and then each body type individually so all clients become aware of their body types, body functions and body habits. Many may already have a workout routine, whereas others may not be used to regular body movement. We take both types readily and work on them both jointly and individually, so that each person gets the proper exercise for their fitness needs.

Customers must also be informed on good and bad living habits, what to adopt and what to abandon. That's right, good body shaping does not only come with exercise but also healthy eating habits. We help formulate your individual diet plans and guide you on how to eat better, in what amounts and quantities, as well as at what timings to keep you in shape internally too and to keep you active and regular even after the fitness program.

Not just this, but our program also ensure health and fitness not just physically, but also spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. That's right, it is highly important to stay fit mentally in order to experience the full experience and ultimate results of this extensive training, as mental state affects the fitness routine immensely. In order to do so, we teach you how to find things of your interest that you enjoy which will help boost activity levels and enthusiasm as well as to increase your health related results in the long run.

Furthermore, we also offer relaxation and recovery therapy to sooth the body and mind, by releasing stress and tensions and calming the nerves. This is done with our three-week massage sessions each week as well as our three-hour spa sessions to enhance health, grooming and overall positive vibes that will flow through your system.

It is our duty to allow customers to feel exotic by being rewarded and pampered by our special perks and privileges. Our ultimate aim is to help you enjoy your vacation like never before with a daily health routine filled with extensive workouts and physical training that will leave you refreshed and energized. By the time you complete a training session, you'llalready planning for your next visit.

Located in the charming beach town of Hua Hin, our weight loss resort Thailand offers a multifaceted recreational program providing a range of services and facilities on an international level to clients visiting the exotic city. Focusing on promoting our Thai culture and specialty, two interesting and interactive sessions have been added from our very own hometown i.e. Kung Fu Wing Tsun and Muay Thai.

Our Kung Fun and Wing Tsun sessions teach and conduct different movements and techniques that focuses on improving the body's overall speed and consistency. Kung Fu Wing Tsun classes have been carefully developed in order to improve the client's perception and creative thinking, while energizing the soul, body and mind, to recharge your batteries one hundred per cent both internally and externally.

During these interactive sessions, all members are taught to relax, concentrate and breathe in order to calm their muscles and nerves, giving the full body health by inhaling the goodness and exhaling the negativity filled within.Upon this training technique, members will learn to build up confidence and morale, while learning and improving their individual strengths, weaknesses, and overall personal capabilities.

Muay Thai hence by the name is one of our traditional exercise practices that will help you become fit, healthy and youthful.With special attention placed on our cultural physique and fitness regime, specially formulated by ancient Thai physicians, we offer a luxurious package that allows guests to gain experience from our professional Thai masters first hand. A fighting martial art exercise, this techniqueis performed bythe striking and clinching of the arms, legs, fists and knuckles, as well as the elbows, shins and feet in order to learn self-defence and self-protection.

Muay Thai instils martial arts and professional battling/fighting into the daily routines of the clients for whenever needed, so members may be mentally and physically prepared for combat when and without the use of any other weaponry. Other learning aspects of this exercise include the formation of modesty, self-confidence, piety and humiliation.

Our program includes all the above-mentioned perks and privileges, and much more. Palapon weight loss boot camp Thailand also includes the following faculties, inclusive in all packages being offered:

Personal Instructor - Our personal instructors will revive your experience by offering the best of their skills, abilities and services. They will welcome you warmly and treat everyone with friendliness and kindness so clients may form an instantaneous bond and understanding to further enjoy the work out / weight loss program.

Personal Assessment - Our personal assessments include full body scans that help in assessing all important details of the clients diet plan and body and exercise habits, flexibility, adaptability, muscle and bone mass as well as overall body mass (in kilos), body water and total body fat (in percentage).

Morning Beach Run - The morning beach run is the must have and most essential part of the weight loss and exercise regime, allowing clients to soak up the morning sun, getting sun kissed skin, while inhaling the fresh oceanic breeze with the feel of high tidal waves in the wet and slushy sand.The view of the exotic Takiab village can also be closely seen.

Bodyweight Exercise and TRX Class - The body weight and TRX classes are aimed at clients with weight loss goals, to strengthen the entire body's muscles, while increasing body flexibility and fitness. This routine is followed by a regular progress report that presents the clients before and afterwards improvements.

HIIT - HIIT consists of high interval workouts. It focuses on aiming high cardiovascular fitness and is advised to mix with other exercise work out routines.

Cardio Boxing - Cardio boxing is the way forward for weight loss in the quickest and most athletic way. All professional boxer trainers provide an extensive boxing class to boost the body's overall strength while enhancing the individual's eye and hand coordination and reflexes.

Accommodation - We offer different camp accommodations i.e. personal resorts, family huts and tropical bungalows. Neighboring them are the central relaxation therapeutic facilities and guesthouses, both of which are located on a five-minute walking radius from the Thailand Camp and the Takiab Beach.

Food Accommodation - Our highly skilled private chef is responsible for the famous cuisine preparations, inspired by a flavourful fusion of Mediterranean herbs and spices.

Massages - Our resort offers three hour massage sessions where our masseuse are responsible for kneading out your stress and tense driven aches, by smoothening out those muscles and softening the skin to look and feel as soft and fresh as a newborn's buttocks.

Spa - Our resort offers three-hour spa sessions that help give our clients a last goodbye that is not only cherishing but very rewarding, as a complimentary token for their stay with us.

Excursion - As Sunday is an off day for work, we take our customers out for the entire day to see the beauty within the city; the Pala-U waterfall, Koh Talu Islands, Sam Roi Yot National Park, and a fun-filled fishing cruise.

Nutrition - During our special weight loss holiday Thailand, we offer a feast filled with the most traditional, healthy and mouthwatering dishes to munch both during standard meal times and in-between meals. Not only are they made from the freshest of produce but are low in calories and carbohydrates to keep extra pounds off without a need to diet. Moreover, we heal you maintain a healthy and balanced diet plan that is filled with all the nutrition, vitamins and energy your body needs to stay fit and healthy in the long run.
Our kitchen and sous chef specializes in Mediterranean as not only is it tasty and very delicious but also it is proven to be very beneficial in the quest for weight loss. Not only this, but these cuisines also help in reducing the risks of heart and brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as type two diabetes. It also includes the foods that contain healthy fats and plant foods with antioxidants. Furthermore, Mediterranean diet helps adapt to a completely new lifestyle that increase the intake of fruits and vegetables for longer and more enhanced sustainability.

Through our weight loss Thailand holidays, we offer a fitness program to help alleviate all your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical stresses. As reviewed by our previous customers and clientele, we have helped transform the lives of all our visitors by teaching them to live a happy, healthy and fully energetic lifestyle. We empower and cultivate our clients so they feel energized and full of life again. Moreover, they both look and feel healthy upon completing our extensive weight-loss and training program.


10 Days
Camp41,700 THB

2 Weeks
Camp50,700 THB
Apartment64,700 THB

4 Weeks
Camp90,100 THB
Apartment105,000 THB

6 Weeks
Camp129,800 THB
Apartment158,700 THB

8 Weeks
Camp170,100 THB
Apartment199,800 THB

12 Weeks
Camp249,500 THB
Apartment294,300 THB

* Special Discount for return deals