You need to be able to have a perfect wholesome retreat to be completely at peace and enjoy your retreat away from your everyday routine, and the people here at Palapon Camp understand this better than anyone.

The Palapon Camp stands apart not only because of our holistic fitness approach, but because we tie in a "concierge" style mentality along with our individually tailored training.

We don't limit this concierge style approach to simply tell you where to eat or what attractions can be seen, but rather incorporate a penultimate approach that perfectly fits together with our holistic approach to deliver the best possible environment for you to change and thrive in.

We look forward to talk with you about your perfect vacation and how we can simplify every step of your planning. After all, you’re here to enjoy yourself. Let us do the rest.

Personal Assistance

  • Pick up and drop off at Bangkok Airport or Hotel with Personal Driver
  • Guided Full Day Excursion
  • 3 hours Spa Experience
  • Personal Driver Rental
  • Salon Appointment
  • Laundry pickup and delivery
  • Leisure Reservation
  • Dinning Reservation
  • Foreign Currency Exchange


  • Weight Loss Blood Panel
  • Observing Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar if required
  • Observing Body Water
  • Organizing Appointments and Transport to independent Client Providers in Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Dentist and Medical Specialists


  • Daily Customized Fitness Plan
  • Daily Personal Training
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • General strength and cardiovascular Fitness testing
  • Core Function testing
  • Regular check up on fat loss and muscle gain
  • Daily Protein Shake
  • Massage Therapy
  • Customized Nutrient Plan with Calorie intake recommendation
  • Assistance Shopping for Fitness clothing
  • Phone, Text and Email Support

Contact us to learn more about our Concierge Service.