Okay, so now it's time to find out which of our all-inclusive Weight Loss, Fitness and Martial Arts programs are best suited to your personal needs, health and wellness. Take a deep breath and start your transformation journey with Palapon Weight Loss Camp and Fitness Retreat in Thailand.

Weight Loss

Sick of being overweight? Tried every weight loss plan and diet going to lose those extra pounds? Then you NEED to join the Palapon Weight Loss Program! You are just one click away from changing your life forever. What are you waiting for?

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Get fit like never before! Take your body on the ride of its life with our INTENSIVE fitness training program. Breakout from the gym and experience new, fun and exciting ways to get fit, be healthy and in top physical condition!

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Martial Arts

It's time to discipline your mind and body but we really know you just want to be Bruce Lee! We specialize in the arts of both Wing Tsun and Muay Thai Boxing training for complete beginner to professional advanced level.

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