Wildlife Volunteering

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Would you like to volunteer at the Wildlife Rescue Centre but don't have the time required? Would you like to experience life at Elephant Refuge and Education Centre in one day?

The Full Day Experience at WFFT are designed to allow you a chance to learn about the rescued creatures living at the Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge, see our hundreds of animals, and get up close and personal to our elephants in a way which is cruelty-free and does not exploit them.


  • Your personal guide will give you an informed guided tour around all areas of the Wildlife Rescue Centre.
  • You'll see all of the 450+ rescued animals at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, hear their stories and learn why they are living at the centre.

Lunch - lunch and refreshments will be provided for you. You will eat with the staff and volunteers, and have the opportunity to meet them and discuss their work at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge and Education Centre.


  • After lunch, you will walk with one elephant on her daily walk, and have the opportunity to give her a shower afterwards!
  • Join Elephant volunteers at the Elephant Refuge and Education Centre.
  • Meet and greet elephants and learn about their individual stories and personalities
  • Learn about the conservation issues that elephants face, and how they are exploited by tourist attractions, forced to carry lots of people and perform tricks - you will see none of this at our elephant refuge, where we value the elephant's natural behavior!
  • Follow our volunteers on their feed out to the rescued animals on the New Lands Phase 3, and get to see the bears and monkeys enjoy their meals.

Bike tour to Dolphin Bay and Khao Kalok

This is a beautiful ride with fabulous beachfront cycling on virtually traffic free roads. If you want sun, sand, sea, and views "to die for", this is the ride for you!

Grade: Easy

Suitable for anyone who can ride a bike and can manage a bit of exercise. No routes are 100% flat, so there might be the odd climb and descent, but on the whole - easy!

Distance: 22-29km (+ options)

After 22km we can offer additional riding for those that want to add a few more kilometers on the bike. If Hua Hin is as far south as you have been along the "Royal Coast", you will want to see the beaches we ride on throughout this tour.

Starting the trip at the south end of Dolphin Bay, just 50 minutes drive south of Hua Hin, we will 'fit' you with your bike and helmet and prepare for departure from here. Then for the next hour it is mile after mile of beautiful seafront riding, with almost nobody else in sight. Maybe just a few cattle on the beach, honestly... see the photos!

We then turn off the beachfront to cycle through some fishing villages and after a few kilometers we drop back down onto the seafront again in the Khao Kalok Bay.

Once again, there is beautiful riding for a further few kilometers along the beach, until we reach Khao Kalok itself. This is where we have the option of trekking up a couple nature trails that take us up to a mountain top viewpoint and also over to a private beach with spectacular rock formations from being battered by the sea for thousands of years.

Before stopping for lunch we refresh with some fresh coconut and continue cycling along the coast into Pranburi Beach where there are many boutique resorts to discover for future visits to the area. We stop at one of our favorite Thai restaurants for a variety of Thai seafood delicacies to conquer even the heartiest of appetites while looking out onto the bay and the colorful Thai fishing boats.

After lunch we continue on to yet another stretch of beautiful beaches with luxurious seaside homes and a few quiet resorts here and there. We will pass through the large fishing town of Pak Nam Pran (translates to Mouth of the Pranburi River) and finish at a lush forest park for a nice walk through the Mangrove forest. If time permits and riders want to get in a few more kilometers they can choose to continue on some rolling hills to the village of Khao Tao.

Cycling Conditions

The majority of the cycling is on flat tarmac 'traffic free' roads. There are no hill climbs plus we have many breaks in the ride to take in the scenery, cold water, and fresh fruit.

Support Vehicle

During the whole trip we are tracked by our support vehicle, with fresh fruit, water, back-up sunscreen, tool kit, and first aid support. The vehicle is never more than 3-4 minutes away.

Kayaking at Khao Daeng

We travel down south to Sam Roi Yod National Park. First we stop off at a seaside village Khung Tanod where the scenery was made famous in the world known film The Killing Fields and it will take about 25 minutes to reach Sai cave.

These ancient caverns have petrified waterfall and monstrous limestone domes with dangling stone tentacles. The climb to the cave is quite rigorous.

We will later visit a national park Headquarter and then continue to Kayak Camp for kayak in the sea, the kayak route is on the Khao Daeng trial and the mangrove nature trails are excellent opportunities to view a variety of habitats and wildlife.

On the mangrove nature trail which is self-interpretive Mud skippers, Crabs Monitor Lizard, Kingfishers Herons Egrets and variety of other bird life can be seen.

Recreational Activities in the Surrounding Area

  • Golf Courses
  • Horse Riding
  • Kite surfing
  • Surfing & Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Boat Trips
  • Bike Tours