Calisthenics is a bodyweight training system that builds serious levels of strength and conditioning, melts fat off your body and helps build lean muscle.

Less Injuries

With calisthenics consisting of bodyweight exercises, it puts less strain on your muscles and joints. By simply using your own body as the weight, you keep training natural. Your body is what you’re carrying around each day; therefore using it to train seems like a sensible option.

Tone & Bulk

The most impressing about calisthenics is it’s ability to both tone you and add muscle to your frame. Of course weight training will add more muscle, but calisthenics has the added bonus of getting you seriously shredded.

Proportionate Body

Body weight training enables you to work with the same weight for each exercise. You’re forced to use many more muscle when performing the exercises, even if they’re only used as stabilizing muscles.

Functional Muscle

This is a popular term when it comes to calisthenics. People talk about how heavy muscle can decrease your effectiveness. To many men, large muscles look good, but being able to use that muscle is highly important to millions of others. Calisthenics allows you to strengthen your body whilst maintaining your performance. For anyone who wants to begin training, but is worried about the effect it’ll have on their chosen sport, calisthenics is for you.