As an integral component of our program, you will be required to participate in a 6-hour Personal Empowerment Workshop. Upon request one on one sessions can be booked.


The fundamental model upon which this workshop is geared to creating space for growth in awareness of the habitual ways in which we either participate with or resist our moment-to-moment experience of life, of ourselves and of each other.

The approach recognizes that most of us tend to resist what is happening in our inner and outer worlds in a variety of ways, through anger, depression, obsessive thinking, addictive behaviors, etc., all as a means to control life as it is. It also recognizes that this attempt to control the reality of our inner and outer worlds easily cuts us off from our own heart, from our personal power and from the alive and ever-evolving world we live in.

The workshop model seeks to undo these unconscious patterns and guide us to acquiring new tools and new models of practice or remembering ones that have worked for us in the past:

  • Self-Awareness, Recognition
  • Allowing, Acceptance without stories or judgment but with Compassion
  • Investigation/Interrogation, Being with what is with Compassionate Curiosity, Cultivating an Investigative Mind
  • Non-identification with that which is, Detachment of the person from what is happening or being felt
  • Noticing the Shifts within Perception as well as the Next Steps as they emerge and reveal themselves


The 6 hours will take you through a facilitated process providing a hands-on experience, working together with other participants in a space of generosity, independence/interdependence, trust/belonging, and commitment to mastery.

We will engage a range of creative approaches and methodologies: these include information sharing, story-telling, as well as the use of visualization techniques, music, focused breathing, meditation and silence.


The following key areas will be workshopped:

  • Personal Growth Foundation
  • Sources of Personal Power
  • Our Emotions and Emotional Well-Being
  • Our Various Relationships (Intimate or other)
  • Gender, Sexuality, Sensuality, and The Creative Force within each of us (Sex Positivity)
  • Our Body (Body Positivity)
  • Work/Career/Service and Our Place in this world
  • Our Relationship with Money
  • Spirituality


What you will have by the end of the 6-hour process:

  • An Empowerment Model that will continue to work for you
  • A process for working with your Growing Edges
  • An awareness of some of your Core Beliefs that support or sabotage you
  • Definition and Sources of Personal Power
  • responsibility, belief in self, grow a positive attitude and trust, enhance our ability to flow with change and tap more effectively into our personal sources of power.
  • The Beginnings of your own Letting Be and Letting Go
  • A Growing Commitment to Vulnerability
  • Your Personal Next Steps and Commitment to Conscious Healing and Growth
  • An awakening and a deepening of your desire to do the personal work that will transform your personal way of being in the world
  • and healing


In addition to the 6-hour workshop, empowerment coaching and transformational conversation is being offered to each participant who wishes to deepen their growth experience and work with emerging issues that call for more personalized approach.