Mobility & Posture

Here at Palapon we offer you this very special program which follows a principal from Eric Wong, strength and conditioning coach to professional combat athletes and regular people.

When you're stiff and tight, everything takes more effort.

Daily activities like putting things away on the top shelf of the cupboard can go from a task you should be able to easily do but instead, you're forced to grab a step stool so you don't have to reach up and experience the associated pain.

Exercises in the gym that you should be able to do without an issues instead cause you pain and you just end up avoiding them altogether and find that the list of exercises you have to avoid continues to grow.

And if you do any sports like golf or tennis or martial arts, you might find yourself getting slower and less powerful and you might even be chalking it up to "old age".

Flexibility is specific and if all you're doing is passive, static stretching, you're not improving your range of motion for dynamic movements, since dynamic movements require more than just flexible muscles.

Eric Wong developed a powerful and efficient system based on science that we implement at Palapon to guarantee a total holistic approach to your fitness and wellbeing.

The specific exercises will address:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Forward head
  • Excessively curved thoracic spine
  • Depressed ribcage / sunken chest
  • Inability to touch your hands behind your back
  • Inability to reach your arms overhead without pain