Morning Walk-Run

The best way to start the day is an early morning walk or run on the beach of Hua Hin. Besides the beautiful view enjoy the wonderful air and the sounds and scents of the sea (At hide tide we will walk through the scenic fisherman village)

Imagine walking or running with a personal trainer, who can motivate and instruct your every step - all while helping you find the perfect technique and get maximum results

The secret is getting your muscles, connective tissues, and joints accustomed to the higher intensity by slowly sneaking jogging into your walking workouts. People who thought they could never run a mile just glow when they finish a charity half marathon.

Walking can help to prevent many diseases and illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, according to the Better Health Channel. It can also help boost healthy cholesterol and ease back pain. Walking daily can also strengthen your bones, which is an important benefit, given that having weak and deteriorating bones can lead to serious conditions such as osteoporosis.