Customized Fitness

At Palapon we design a training program specifically for you, based on your individual profile.

When designing your program, it is very important to have a long-term plan. While day to day workouts are what most people think of when picturing their personal trainer, the real results do not come overnight, the cumulative effects of workouts produce the dramatic results.

While participating in the Palapon weight loss and fitness camp, your days will be spent doing a variety of exercises, ranging from Yoga, group fitness classes, TRX and cardio boxing in a small group dynamic. You will challenge yourself with a fitness experience unlike any other.

For a balanced fitness program, strength training is essential. It can slow the muscle loss that comes with age, build the strength of your muscles and connective tissues, increase bone density, as well as cut your risk of injury.

When you lose weight through dieting, up to a quarter of the loss may come from muscle, which can slow your metabolism.

The Palapon program will help you to rebuild any muscle you lost -- or keep you from losing it in the first place.

Not only does it make you look trimmer and shapelier, but building muscle also helps you burn calories -- even after your workout is done.

A personalized, intelligent and effective approach to fitness.

  • Your plan will be tailored to your personal goals and current fitness level.
  • The plan will include all exercises that match the needs for your body.
  • Detailed explanation of how to perform each movement.
  • Week by week plan for how to archive your fitness goals or lose body fat and master movement effectively.
  • Your body type, activity level and current rate of training experience.
  • This is not a workout program! it's a complete guide to understanding your body.
  • We will explain how to optimize your fitness routine based on your goals.
  • The plan will continue to change as your body changes.
  • This is a program designed for rapidly effective and easily maintainable results.
  • small group setting guaranties for personalized attention

Morning Walk/Run

The best way to start the day is an early morning walk or run on the beach of Hua Hin. Besides the beautiful view enjoy the wonderful air and the sounds and scents of the sea (At hide tide we will walk through the scenic fisherman village)

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Your daily yoga will be designed to focus on the wide health benefits of yoga - offering good exercise without pushing you too far.

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Calisthenics is a bodyweight training system that builds serious levels of strength and conditioning, melts fat off your body and helps build lean muscle.

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Interval training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of complete rest and is one of the best ways to get in shape.

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Cardio Boxing

Experience the training and the nature of Thai Boxing in the motherland of Muay Thai that creates a strong mind that is courageous, intelligent and disciplined.

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Mobility & Posture

Flexibility is specific and if all you're doing is passive, static stretching, you're not improving your range of motion.

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